unique products and service that enable people to progress in more interesting ways

Who we are

HGB Group is a wholly owned subsidiary based in Phnom Penh, with branches in Singapore, Vientiane, and Ho Chi Minh City. We operate in three main industries: Automotive, Food&Beverage, and Trading, with the same purpose - being a reference point for our stakeholders and customers

Thanks to our long-term experience, and our reliability in the market, we can always ensure top-level service in all circumstances. We strongly believe in the future of Cambodia, and this is why we always move forward, seeking new opportunities and innovative ways to “Grow Unlimited”, together with our customers and clients.

Our Approach

Listening is the secret of success

Talking with our customers, in order to understand and satisfy their needs, is essential to always maintain top-quality service and a strong relationship with stakeholders. We usually say“we look global, but we act local”because it’s true that our high reputation is known worldwide, but Cambodia is our home, and we are proud to help our country be a better place, providing excellent service that improves everyone's quality of life. This is our primary commitment.

Our Ethics

We founded HGB Group on three ethical principles: transparency, integrity, and respect, which reflect the values that define our company, and the people who work in it.


Our mission is doing everything in our power to satisfy our customers, create a rewarding workplace for our employees and maximize stakeholders’ value.


We have a dream: making Cambodia a more comfortable and inspiring place to live. This is why we never get tired of moving forward, seeking new ways to make people's lives better.